Welcome to Ru-Jo Standard Poodles .  I am Ruth, and along with my husband Joe, we currently have five. beautiful Standard Poodles.  Rose, a silver and white parti poodle,  Gus and Jorja both phantoms. We have  added Woodrow to our family. He is a beautifully marked black and white tuxedo parti. Producing gorgeous tuxedo's. Our newest addition is Miss Maggie.  She my pick from the breeding of Jorja and Gus.  A very flashy tri-colored tuxedo parti.  It will be fun to watch her grow and mature with the family.  We love our poodles and enjoy their company as a part of the family.  They live in the house and enjoy a very spoiled life.
Poodles are not the foo foo dogs most think of when you think of  poodles.  Poodles are used in hunting  agility, obedience, herding, confirmation and as assistant dogs.  They are loyal and loving. 

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We absolutely DO NOT believe in cross breeding, so please do not ask!  We also will not sell to someone with the intentions of crossbreeding!

.         Small breeder of Phantom, and parti's and tri colored Standard Poodles
            Ruth Brown
Gothenburg, Nebraska
(308) 529-1601

 Striving for beautiful poodles that will wrap themselves around that special persons heart.
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This page was last updated: March 19, 2014